Queen Sized Spotlight !! Ericka !!

Queen Sized Spotlight !! Ericka !!

                              Here’s Ericka…I loved her outfit so much that I had to put it on my blog
                       Voici Ericka…Lorsque j’ai vu sa tenue je devais absolument la mettre sur mon blog

coat \ manteau: Reitmans


Sweater \ Chandail : Smart set

Leggin: H&M


I love everything about her outfit but most important i love the confidence she’s showing in them. I think that the sweate is           extremely flattering on her because it’s nicely showing her curves.

J’adore absolument tout de son ensemble mais j’adore encore plus l’assurance qu’elle dégage. Elle a de très jolies courbes .


Smart Set


                                                                             Boots \ Bottes : Spring

Another thing i loved even more with Ericka’s out fit is that we were matching that day…haha!!!

Autre chose que j’ai adoré de l’ensemble d’Éricka : il s’accordait super bien avec le mien…haha!!

My outfit:

                                           Dress \ Robe: Faith 21 online purchase…achat en ligne
                                                                   Tights \ collant: Addition-elle
                                                                             Scarf: foulard: Ardène

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