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Born and raised in fabulous Montreal of Hatian-Canadian identity, Sarah XXL St-Fleur is the passionate mistress of Hip-Hop, House, and Afro- Caribbean dance music. But most importantly, Sarah is a fashion & glamour illuminati – always on the know of the upcoming and trending. Her early exposure to American fashion while always on the road ignited her intimate affairs to a world that was once exclusive to a selected few. Passionate, dynamic, and social, Sarah exudes an electrifying energy that leaves no one different as she pours her heart and soul in everything she does. An advocate of social change herself, Sarah firmly stands for women’s issues such as self-esteem and empowerment of women, fashion democracy, and being and staying healthy no matter what one’s size is.

“To look good is to feel good. A nice outfit is a great start in building up a woman’s self-esteem” -. This belief is what led to the birth her blog: Queen Sized Flava in September 2010.

Queen Sized Flava

“Queen Sized Flava…Made in Montreal” is a bilingual (French/English) blog dedicated to plus size fashion, beauty, hair care and plus size fitness. It’s increasing popularity is due to the fact that It also elaborates on topics such as healthy lifestyle, and beauty and fashion tips especially dedicated for plus size women – the oftenly neglected audience of our mainstream media. Queen Sized Flava is a unique concept and is definitely one of a kind in Quebec. It includes different types of postings themes such as “Confidence Mondays”, “Outfit of the day”, “Hair talk fridays” (hair tips and trends), make up ideas and, events covering.

Through her blog, Sarah strives to promote the idea that having a healthy mind and body should not be specific to only one size. The Queen Sized Flava movement is a revolutionary concept aiming to change the pre-conceived notions about plus size women. For example, in her blog posts, Sarah gives tips to curvy women in order to find their own comfort zone in a world where beauty norms are rigid and stringent. She also hopes that by boosting her reader’s self-esteem, the road towards self-change and self acceptance will be at reach. One of Sarah’s greatest dream is for Queen Sized Flava…made in Montreal to become an outlet of inclusion and integration of plus size fashion in Quebec; making it as glamorous as any other type of fashion out there- this is what we call XXL Fashion dream!


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  1. Bonsoir, je viens de découvrir ton blog et j’ai bien apprécié cette découverte. Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi à propos du manque de choix dans la taille plus. C’est souvient des styles qui conviennent à une clientèle assez agée, on peut etre ronde et jeune ! Un autre point où il y a des lacunes, c’est au nivau de la chaussure, en fait des bottes plutôt. Pratiquement impossible de trouver une botte au genou qui permet un mollet fort tout en ayant de l’espace en largeur au niveau du pied ! Quand on porte du taille plus , c’est souvent de la tête aux pieds ! Quand on sait qu’une femme sur trois porte du taille+… on se demande pourquoi ils ne veulent pas répondre aux besoins de ces femmes ! Ils perdent des ventes !

    Je te félicite pour ton blogue, il est intéressant et rafraichissant! En passant t’es vraiment photogénique, tes photos modes sont belles !

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