An Addition-Elle video haul video + #JeansDuJour Giveway!

Press “PLAY” if you would like to know how to win free jeans 😉

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



39 thoughts on “An Addition-Elle video haul video + #JeansDuJour Giveway!

  1. Hey Sarah, if I were to win the giveaway, I would get the python print jeans because I have never seen that pattern in a plus size before.thx!

  2. Coucou Sarah !!

    J’aimerais bien avoir ta “gift card” ! J’achèterais probablement un jeans moulant DKNY ! Vive les rondeurs ;))

  3. Hi Sarah. If I were to get your “free jeans” coupon I would definitely pick up a pair of the Silver Suki Surplus bootleg denim jeans. I just love their dark fade and they look like they would hug my curves in all the right places!!

  4. Hi!!!
    If I were to win the gift certificate, I would buy a nice dark wash skinny jean 🙂 I dont really rock the prints or bright, not that confident, wish I was!!

  5. i surely would love to have a gift certificate to get something that would look good for the size i am and loved the way about the boots i always wanted to have long boots but you see i had my both knees operated i had 11 operatons so i aways had big legs and beieve me its not easy to find they are to tight that i cant even put the boots on its embarassing and disappointed that i can’t have any and especially with big high heels i cant balance that with 2 knee with prothesis anyways surely would love to have it thanks for listening tomy story thank you

  6. Le jean Soho dkny moulant, coupe en rondeur.

    Merci pour ce concours! Et merci d’aviser la gagnante par message privé! Ce serait dommage qu’elle ne voit pas son nom si elle ne revient pas sur la page!

  7. Oh fun!! If I won a pair of Addition-Elle jeans I would choose something outside of my normal box. I kind of covet the snake skin ones you showed first, but I am thinking I should try baby steps to style and start with colour. In another post you shared, I fell in love with the teal green jeans. I think they’d be my winner!

  8. I love Additionelle. But also thought it was pricey. Now I just wait for the sales and some great outfits!
    If I won I would buy the angel flared jeans!
    These are super comfy and stylish at the same time! Fingers crossed!

  9. Hi Sarah, love the blog. I would get myself those skinny jeans that I’ve been wanting for awhile. AND, since the jeans were free, I’d buy those high boots that I really like to make the outfit complete.

  10. J’aime beaucoup ton blog at surtout ton style. Avoir du budget c’Est sans aucune doute le jeans soho dkny moulant!

  11. Hey Sara, loved your blog video. I seen the same pairs of printed jeans at Addition elle and you’re so right the stretch jeans are the best fit. I don’t normally have a butt however with these styles with stretch it makes me look like i actually have an ass! lol I usually go for the Angel line jeans because they’re light and fit the best again with stretch to them. I own a couple of Pashu jeans for dressier occasions. And the suco jeans like has some really got styles right now. Addition elle has come a long way from thier old days of making jeans with no curves or stretch to them. Great to see that they’ve come up with some new more fashionable jeans. Take care!! p.s. love the boots i was planning to get the same ones myself.

  12. Hi Sarah,

    Loved the video, I would love to get a free pair of jeans. I loved the snake print ones you showed at the beginning those are awesome. Keeping fingers crossed

  13. Bonjour Sarah, moi je prendrais le jean pashu par parasuco à jambe mi-évasée , je le trouve telleemnt beau ! Croisons les doigts ! 😉
    Bonne fin de journée !

  14. skinny python print jean for sure. If I am going to win a pair I would use it for something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself – making them extra special.

  15. My fall wardrobe is totally missing a pair of red jeans so I would get the curvy dkny soho skinny jeans in red!

  16. Hi If I were to get your “free jeans” coupon I would pick up a pair of the Silver Suki Surplus bootleg denim jeans. Ilove the fade in them and think they are great !

  17. Awesome haul! If I won the gift certificate I would definitely get the red jeans! I’ve been longing for a pair of coloured jeans since I saw all the skinny girls with them! <3!

  18. I would like the angel flared jeans!!! But to tell you the truth, I would any one of them that would fit me well, I always have problems finding “the right jeans”!!

    Manon Soucy

  19. LOVE Addition Elle and just bought a pair of the black “jeggings”! Couldn’t decide between them and the red stretch jean, cause I couldn’t afford both! Now seeing all the tops and sweaters I could mix and match with a red jean, instead of the usual black jean, legging, jeggings, I wish I had a pair! Help me add some color to my fall and winter wardrobe this year! PLEASE?!!!!

  20. Hi Sarah! this was my first time watching and i loved it! that was an awesome haul! I wish i could afford to shop like that. Anyway I would love to get a pair of love and legend jeans I have tried on a few pairs and really liked how they fit but could not fit them into my budget. I would really love the gift certificate!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Hi Sarah, thanks for the video, fantastic deals you are a style diva! I love the stretch jeans…especially in a print…Gorgeous!

  22. I would love to win a pair of free red jeans because I am a grandma that doesn’t want to look old and frumpy.

  23. I really love the Suko Flare Jeans. I like stretch jeans and prints also. However those Sukos just rock!

  24. Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for this giveaway…The price of pants in there is too much for most plus sized women I know.

    If I won this I would actually take my mom to go get her a pair of jeans, she has not had one in over 35 years, not a real pair with a button. She is a size 26 and none of us can afford Addition-Elle unless its clearance.

  25. Hey Sarah, i would so get a red pair of jeans! Tqhey look amazing! Is it qtoo late to participate?…ohhhh i hope NOTTTT! :b
    Ok…thanks! Oh…n i love what ur doing! It was about time someone came out to show me how gloriously gorgeous i can look! 😀

  26. If i won, i would pick up the levi`s, they fit so well, like skin and my booty looks good in them!

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