#BeAShowStopper (part 1): Behind the scene…

I’m back to tell you about another great collaboration between the retailer Addition-Elle, the famous photographer Maude Arsenault and Queen Sized Flava. For the launch of their new lingerie collection, Addition-Elle came up with the creative concept to includes fashion bloggers in order to offer a different perspective to their customers of what it means to be comfortable in your own skin.When I was initially contacted for this project never in a million years would have I expected this kind of exceptional result.

“We are very excited to partner with these leading fashion bloggers to showcase our lingerie. This campaign is exciting first for our brand projecting a sexy, tasteful image of three daring, beautiful young women in our lingerie removing the size taboo that still exists in the fashion industry’s paradigm of what is considered to be beautiful and sexy. We think this campaign is ground breaking and represents what it truly means to be a Showstopper beauty”, explains Roslyn Griner, Vice President of Marketing and Visual Presentation for ADDITION ELLE.

Here are some pictures taken the day of the shoot and as you can see, this was serious business!

Addition-Elle’s executive team

Nadia Aboulhosn and Karyn Johnson

During the campaign #BeAShowStopper, Addition-Elle also invite you to visit their site to vote for your favorite bra and in exchange you could get a discount on your purchases. CLICK HERE to go vote now.


Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)

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4 thoughts on “#BeAShowStopper (part 1): Behind the scene…

  1. Tu es magnifique sur ces photos.
    J adore la lingerie présentée, dommage que nous n ayons pas ce la en France

    • Merci!!…Il y a quelque années de cela ce genre de truc n’existait pas non plus a Montréal

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Looks like you girls had a really good time at the shooting! How is a photo session for underwear? Isn’t a bit ‘scary’? I’m plus size too and I kind of shy away from being too ‘naked’… 🙂

    I hope AdditionElle give you the beautiful bras and panties to take home… Have a great day!

    • Hi Rachel!
      lol…Of course they did and this was an amazing experience and I would re-do it anytime!!!

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