#BeAShowStopper (part 2): The situation as gone viral…

The unveiling of the campaign #BeAShowStopper was done in Toronto during the opening of their new store located downtown on Yonge Street. For the occasion, Addition-Elle organized the night before the store opening a dinner for bloggers, who according to them were the most influential in Canada and the United States to meet the well-known model Ashley Graham who’s face is everywhere when it come to plus size retailing. Ashley Graham will launch this coming November a lingerie line in collaboration with Addition-Elle that will be named after her that she described as being simple yet elegant.

(Bloggers from left to right: Me, Karyn, Karen, Gracia, Nadia, Marie, Sashagai and Gabby)

To see more photos of the event click HERE to visit the Facebook page of QSF.

This campaign is definitely becoming viral and provoked a lot of reactions both in the plus size community but also in the media. Since the release of the #BeAShowStopper photos, I was invited “The Morning Show” on Global, this weekend an article appeared in LaPress newspaper about the campaign and another article will soon be release in the “Toronto Star” newspaper.

I really appreciate the fact that the article in “LaPress” not only spoke about the #BeAShowStopper campaign  but also stressed many important points about the current state of plus-size fashion in Quebec. Despite of the fact that Addition-Elle works very hard on their rebranding, much remains to be done to change preconceived ideas of plus-size fashion and it’s clientele in Quebec. I highly recommend you read this article if you have not already done so.

Clic HERE to watch my segment on “The Morning Show”.

*The article was available in Frech only*


It’s amazing how pictures of three plus-size fashion bloggers in lingerie quickly became viral, it’s almost fair to believe that many people really believed that plus sized women could not be attractive and stylish in lingerie.

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



One thought on “#BeAShowStopper (part 2): The situation as gone viral…

  1. bonjour,, je trouves que ce que tu fais est géniale,, bravo! tu parles des addition elle ,,mais moi je travaille pour les claire France,, viens faire un tour ds ma boutique pour voir la nouvelle collection ZAZ tu trouveras que on a fait deseffort pour rejoindre la jeune clientele taille forte du quebec! et du canada! bye bye xx

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