Black Expo Design 2013


For the second year in a row, I made sure to attend the International Black Expo Design, where designers from Haiti, Africa and the United States came as a collective to showcase their collections.

For their second edition, Black Expo Design occurred on three different days where two were dedicated to cocktail hours and runway shows and the last day was for designers to sale some samples from their collections. I didn’t go to the sample sale since none of the designers presented plus sizes but I still enjoyed and got inspired by the runway shows.

My favorite looks of the night…

My favorite looks on the runway…

It was very hard to keep track of which designers presented what and that’s the reason why I  couldn’t name the designer for each pieces…sorry 🙁 But a list of names of all the designer who were who presented at the event.

Metys by Stéphanie,Gadié, Patrick Asso, Amada, Patricia Eugène, Malou Cadet, Hinda Abdelkrim, Maxen Aly, Nadia Druide, Eliette le Superbe, Rahyma Sleek, Lucreicia Moreira, Patricia Eugène, Phélicia Dell, Malou Cadet, Maxen Aly, Eliette Le Superbe, Ava Paris, Ciss St Moïse, Mia Mendes, Rush Couture

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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