Confidence Monday: Dare to try something new

A friend (…luv u Suaad xox ) invited me to come try out her AntiGrativity fitness class that she teaches and of course I was like “yeah…why not?!? …Once I got there I lost liters of sweat but I loved the ecperience. Classes of AntiGravity are a perfect blend of aerial acrobatics, dance, Pilates and strength training movements with a flavor unique to the practice of Yoga.

The sequences of rhythmic exercises help develop cardiovascular conditioning as well as strength and flexibility. The Hammock that is used in AntiGravity fitness allows you to exercise with a greater range of movement and reduces the effects of compression in some basic Yoga positions, making it a safer method.

Here’s Suaad the teacher doing her thing and she’s amazing at it.

If you would like to do a class of AntiGravity please feel free to contac “Club Sportif MAA” since they are the only one to offer this class in Montreal.

Would you like me to record my next AntiGrativity class?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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