Confidence Monday: Love the Skin You’re In presented by PS Montreal

This passed Saturday night at the Plaza Theatre, I found myself surrounded by friends, relatives and supporters of Yael Perez and Megan Mac Gregor, the entrepreneurs behind the upcoming business PS Montreal, for a very special occasion. These two ladies had been working for months on a fashion show dedicated to the celebration of curvy silhouettes and with the help several local and international boutiques they turned their vision into a reality.

With an event called “Love the Skin You’re In”, it was no surprise to see a room full of beautiful and confident curvy women and I must admit that it was a great feeling to witness. The models all brought their “A” game on the runway and the looks on their faces were priceless. Also included to the mix were curvy burlesques performers and one of them even made me blush, which is extremely rare for me. (…but that Cherry was something else!…lol) The garments presented on the runway varied from short Rockabilly leopard print dresses, long Gothic fantasy looking dresses to bold lingerie and in the midst of all this we also saw simple everyday looks. Which was a very good representation their audience’s fashion aesthetics.

For centuries, fashion has been a medium for self-expression and those who are now considered to be fashion gurus dictating trends all had one thing in common. The desire to show beauty throught their personal lense. So tell me why would this phenomenon be any different on runways dedicated to plus size fashion. I commend you PS Montreal for this beautiful and daring initiative and I hope to see from now  this event every year. Now, a little advice to  those who are not fond of plus size fashion or those who think that curvy women should not have access to the same trends available on the standard size fashion market…MOVE OUT OF OUR WAY AND PLEASE TAKE A SIT BECA– USE READY OR NOT CHANGE IS COMING!

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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