Confidence Monday: With Sublimes Rondeurs confidence as no size!

Last Saturday, the “Sublimes Rondeurs” where presenting “le Cabaret des bombes” at cabaret du café Cléopâtre and I was there.

Sublimes Rondeurs (which is French for sublime curves) is a burlesque troupe consisting only of curvy women, whose mission is to help women accept their curves and increase their self-esteem level. In addition, they wish that their performances show that there is indeed a place for curvy women in performing arts. Their last performance at the Zoofest festival will be held on July 21 where they will present a brand new cabaret, “le Cabaret des Bombes in the Candy Factory”.

Congratulations to the “Sublimes Rondeurs”, because in their own way they used boldness to make a difference and they are living proof that there is room for confident curvy women in Montreal.

Here’s a link for more info about there next perfromance:

more pictures available on the QSF facebook page… 🙂

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



2 thoughts on “Confidence Monday: With Sublimes Rondeurs confidence as no size!

  1. that’s kind of cool! I’ve never seen something like this in Italy and I would love to see a show made by curvecious performances.

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