Did I just break a fashion law?!? #JeansDuJour



Greetings ladies!,

It’s a well known fact that I love leopard print and if I could I would wear every day… lol! That being said, I am also aware that some may find it particularly difficult to wear this wild yet feminine print since it can easily turn into a disaster if we are not careful.

There are several ways to wear leopard print, but remember, it is important to first choose the direction you want to take with any leopard print before wearing it. This accent piece both feline and lady-like can make an outfit chic or can take a urban turn. Now for the shy ones, you can start by wear it as an accessory  such as a small belt, handbag or heels. Personally, I have tried all possible and imaginable ways to wear leopard print but red is undoubtedly my favorite color to match it with.

For my #JeansDuJour post, I clearly decide to take a little more risk with my leopard print by matching it with red and yellow. Addition-Elle’s plus size jeans collection had this gorgeous pair of skinny jeans by Suko that I had to have. I love the fact these denim  had a bit of orange in them which allowed me to bring in some mustard yellow. And YES I DID THE UNTHINKABLE buy paring my outfit with leopard sneakers wedges!! Call the fashion police because I am guilty of wearing two set of leopard prints in the same outfit … hahahaha!!

Well I will not ask you to do the same but just tell me how you like wear leopard print? And if you do not like it I want to know why?


Top: H&M

Jeans: Suko (Addition-Elle)

Sneaker Wedge: NewLook

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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