Do You Boo! + #JeansDuJour Giveaway

Greetings ladies!

Since the end of the Addition-Elle’s #JeansDuJour campaign is fast approaching, I thought I would dedicate my post to some questions that you frequently asked about my style. Here are the three questions that come up most often:

“Where do you find your inspiration for your outfits?”

My general rule when it comes to my style and my wardrobe is that they should always reflect my personality and my mood of the day. I love daring garments and I also love bright colors and leopard print so I always try to include these elements in
my outfits.

“I love what you wear, but I would never wear it. So how do you find my style?”

Customizing your own fashion style is not done overnight. In fact, it is a long process constantly evolving. However, I am convinced that there is always a way to adapt what we love to our body type and our personality. This being said,  do not be afraid to venture into these changing rooms to find the perfect combination for you. Knowing yourself is a key element in the art of creating your fashion identity.

“As a plus size women I’m having a hard time finding trendy clothes in Montreal so where do you find your clothes?

First, I always write a small description under my outfit pictures telling you where I bought my clothes. I understand it is not always easy to find what you want when wearing plus sizes in Montreal. Addition-Elle is working hard to please and attract different types of  women. Also, If you have a small budget, I suggest you go the Addition-Elle’s warehouse on St-Hubert street since they have an entire floor decided for items on sales.

Here are two outfits that showcases my personality and preferences:

Scarf: DIY

Blazer: Posh Shoppe

Tank: Posh Shoppe

Colored jeans: Addition-Elle

Boots: Dr.Martens

Scarf: DIY

Jacket: Posh Shoppe

Tunic: Posh Shoppe

Colored jeans: Addition-Elle

Boots: Torrid

Now, to give you a little boost in terms of shopping, I’ll do another blog giveaway by giving you the chance to enter a draw to win a gift certificate worth $50 at the Addition-Elle stores. Here’s what you need to do to enter the draw:

1-Click “Like” on the Queen Sized Flava’s Facebook page then share it on your Facebook wall.

2 – Then, tell me in the comment section which outfits you prefer, the one on the left or the right?

The winner will be announced next week … Good Luck!

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



11 thoughts on “Do You Boo! + #JeansDuJour Giveaway

  1. I like both outfits they both make a statement but I prefer the one on the right, that whole look is fabulous. I love both cropped jackets they really look good on her 😀

  2. I love the look on the RIGHT! the bold blue and yellow with the black jacket really adds a nice punch of color 🙂 looks awesome!

  3. I would pick the outfit on the right! I would pick it for many reasons, mostly because its just so fab and cute! I love the use of colours and patterns, as well as the super cute scarf and boots. Loving the animal print and I totally try to incorporate it into a lot of my outfits too. Loving the unique styles, you’re rockin’ it!

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