Double XL got jokes…

It’s now official since last January I started doing stand up comedy and I love it. It’s always been something that I enjoyed, but never I would have imagined that one day I would actually be choosing it as a career. I found in comedy another way to express myself because on stage I’m free to talk about anything as long as I make it funny, and that in itself is extremely liberating. I added this section to my blog to share with you this new journey of mine through pictures and videos. Also, as an upcoming stand up comedian, it’s important for me to have a place where people can come get a peek of what I’m like on stage.

For my first comedy post, I got some pictures from my latest show at ComedyWorks which is  a well-known comedy club in Montreal. The Boom! show occurs once a month at ComedyWorks where they put on stage the best upcoming comedians that performed at their open mic nights that same month. As the new girl in the local comedy scene, I was extremely happy to have made the cut for the BOOM! show.

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks1

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks2

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks4

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks6

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks7

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks10

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks11

DoubleXL at ComedyWorks12

A big thank you to my friend Francois Banny, the creative mind  behind AfroBraz,  for these amazing shots and if you would also like to get some great pictures feel free to contact him through his AfroBraz Facebook fan page. This year, I’m planning to collaborate with several creative minds because I’m surrounded by so much talents who are also proud supporters of the Queen Sized Movement.

I’m curious to know how you feel about stand up comedy. Do you enjoy a good show once in a while or it’s simply not your thing?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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