“Fashion blogger makes plus-size shopping a cinch” CTV news Montreal

Paul Karwatsky, me and Mutsumi Takahashi

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

This quote says it all for me when looking back at the opportunity I got to be interviewed on CTV news about something I’m extremely passionate about,  which is the Queen Sized Flava Mouvement. Words will be enough to express my gratitude to Mutsumi Takahashi for inviting me but, I’ll certainly say that getting to meet the CTV news team was a fruitful experience and definitely got me more focus than ever… So stay tuned because there will be a lot of Queen Sized Flava projects coming soon.

Click HERE to watch my interview on CTV news

A big thank you to Addition-Elle providing me with what I like to call “My cute TV outfit”

My outfit:

Top: Jeanne Beker for Addition

Jeans: Love and Legends for Addition-Elle

Shoes: Addition-Elle

Accessories: Addition-Elle

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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