Fashionable getaway…

A couple weeks ago, I took a weekend getaway to New York City because I needed it. Sometimes a girl just needs to change her scenery and whenever this urge takes over me, I simply cross the border and this time I was with my little brother and my friend Sally. There’s several ways that you can get to NYC, you can book a one hour flight that will probably be ridiculously expensive, plus you won’t be able the bring too much stuff back unless you’re willing to pay extra for it.  You can also take a 10 hours bus ride that will be much cheaper but overall extremely painful in term of comfort or you can simply take a 6 hours drive there, which is my favorite way to go the New York City.

For this road trip, the team of Ford Canada was kind enough to lend me a Ford Fusion Energi SE Luxury 2013 in return for some feedback on what I will refer to from now on as “The Beast”. First, I must tell you that I’m not a “car person” because for me as long as a car has four wheels and it can take me from point A to point B I’m satisfied so don’t expect no technical review from me…:-)

I was impressed when I took my first glance at this eco friendly BEAST because the car design was gorgeous. Just to give you an idea here are some of which, I think were the coolest features on The Beast:

  • Ambient Lighting: It was like driving in a mini night club.
  • MyFord Touch: We kept calling it SIRI because it’s was the board which, controlled everything in The Beast and you could even to talk to it because it had a voice control recognition system.
  • Electric only buttons:  There was even a button to start the engine.
  • Active park assistance: Yes The Beast could parallel park by itself and all I needed to do was to use the break pedal in due time.
  • Leather interior: Fashionably and aesthetically appropriate if you ask me.
  • The hybrid engine: Meaning The Beast used its electric battery most of the time and would switch on it’s own to it’s gas engine when it felt it was appropriate. We barely had to put fuel the entire weekend…That’s a major plus for a road trip!

The Beast was a great car to drive but I must tell you that I had a mini seizure when I saw how small the trunk was because that’s NOT a good thing when the primary reason you’re traveling is shopping. The small size of the trunk was due to the fact that the battery took most of the space and I was told that this was a common problem for electric cars. For us fashionistas that’s definitely a MAJOR PROBLEM but I guess we can’t have it all. Except from this issue The Beast was definitely Queen Sized Flava APPROVED!

Now here’s a little something that I got from my trip in NYC. I was looking for something that would work with my Lollipop clutch and when I found this blouse I thought it would be a bit too “matchy-matchy” but it worked just fine. Who knew that camouflage print and leopard print could co-exist in the same outfit?

Top:Rainbow (NYC)

Jeans/Necklace/earrings :Old Navy

Heels: Addition-Elle

Clutch: Lollipops Paris

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



One thought on “Fashionable getaway…

  1. En lisant le 2e paragraphe, j’etais comme: MENTE– USE!!! Ford lui a preter une voiture!!! Danm!!! lol
    The car looks great!
    I love the outfit as well!!!

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