Finally a Bikini made for me…But let’s keep it real now

I truly believe that we should not have to settle for a swimsuit just because we are plus size women but this being said not everything is for everybody. For my trip to Mexico, I really wanted to have a two pieces suit, not the tankini like I typically wear but I a real bikini (because I’ve been killing it at the gym) but it so hard to find one for my body type. I have a large back and bikini tops always tend to have small bra straps that create major back bulges which is a big NO NO for me. But my prayers had finally been answered with this bikini I had found at the store AquaSport in Montreal. They carry plus size collections and when I spoke to the manager she told me that they were always making sure that their plus sized pieces were always current and modern. For the first time, I found a bikini that was hugging me in the right places. I had zero back bulges wearing this swimsuit therefore I looked great from any angle…yay! I’m a true believer that EVERYBODY should dress according to your body type and we should not be carried away with things we wish we could wear because that’s simply nonsense. At the end of the day, if I don’t look FLY AND FIERCE in something then it’s a no go!

I remember the post “Every body is a bikini body” by the blogger Gabi where she was claiming that everybody can wear a bikini and that we didn’t need to start working out just to fit in one….NOT!! Please girls don’t believe the hype, even the greatest top models in the world have personal trainers because the reality is that everybody may be a bikini body but NOT EVERYONE WILL LOOK GREAT IN IT. As big girls we need to workout to keep our big butts and big thighs firm just like everybody else and let’s not forget that it’s also a plus for our health. Now, if you feel like wearing a bikini just because you want to prove that you can to society and look like a hot mess that’s your prerogative but on my blog we need to keep it REAL!

And I almost forgot Happy Easter!

tankini: Walmart blouse:thrifted




Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



11 thoughts on “Finally a Bikini made for me…But let’s keep it real now

  1. Je suis tellement daccord que pour porter un bikini, il faut que notre corps soit adapté. It looks amazing on you. but I would never… EVER dare

  2. Je suis entièrement d’accord avec toi et ce billet, tu les portes très très bien en tout. Ce n’est pas parce que nous portons des grandes tailles que l’on doit se contenter d’une 1pièce fade et qui nous met pas en valeur. J’ai aussi des formes, et j’ai toujours porté des 2 pièces, cela dépend vraiment de la morphologie des personnes aussi. Maintenant on trouve aussi de très beaux une pièce je l’avoue et je vais me laisser tenter je pense pour cet été, mais en tout cas je te trouve tes maillot très beaux et j’ai même un coup de coeur pour le second. 🙂

  3. Je suis d’accord avec toi aussi. Selon moi, tout le monde ne peut pas porter le biniki que tu sois ronde ou mince!!!! Pour porter un bikini, il faut être ferme, avoir le ventre avec la peau ferme (beaucoup de filles minces portent le bikini avec le ventre flasque…). Je suis d’accord aussi sur la question des bourrelets, si un maillot de bain te créé des bourrelets c’est qu’il ne te vas pas. Enfin, le plus important c’est de porter le maillot dans lequel on se sent bien, rien de plus beau qu’une femme qui a confiance en soi!

    • “rien de plus beau qu’une femme qui a confiance en soi!” *J’ADORE!* quelle belle façon de fermer un commentaire et merci pour le comment!

  4. It’s all about working with what you’ve got. And if it’s curves that god gave you, then by all means, put those curves forth. The art of doing this, however, takes a creative eye. and a good sense of aesthetic balance. The best part about this article is the keeping-it-real factor. This is where the aesthetic balance comes into play. Keeping it tasteful for any body type from slim to voluptuous is key and I think DXL demonstrates this most accurately. Props, baby girl! Keep doin’ what you do!

    • Hey Bambu!!
      The major problem we are having and it is not only in the plus size community, is agreeing on what is “aesthetic” or not since mainstream society keep sending messages that being “fat” means unhealthy and unappealing some believe that a way the respond to such negative messages is to completely ignore fashion guide line. This being said, fashion is a personal expression of oneself but like you said one need to seek for a good sense of aesthetic balance while feeling great about what you are about to wear, which is why certain guide line cannot be ignored. It is find with me, if you do not agree and dress however it makes you feel great about yourself but do not expect me to lie to you and say you look great if you don’t when I’m asked.

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