Four years later…


Hey stranger…lol

I can’t believe that the last time I posted on my blog was in 2014. What was initially supposed to be two weeks hiatus, ended up lasting four years.

Shame on me!

Now, I know you guys probably have a lot of questions for me.

Where have you been? Why did you stop posting?

Long story short, my life was a mess and I needed to fix it. I started with taking a full year off from all my social media. I had shut down my Facebook pages, and I had removed Instagram and Twitter from my IPhone. Afterwards, I decided that I needed a drastic change, so I moved to Toronto.

The plan was simple.

First: Find a place to live.

Second: Find a job.

Third: Write for my blog, write jokes, and find places to perform my comedy.



My transition was a nightmare, because by the time I was able to find an apartment my savings we’re almost done. The cost of living in Toronto is extremely high compared to Montreal and I wasn’t ready for it. So day-to-day quickly became obsessing about finding a job and not going dead broke. I quickly became so stressed that I could not focus on my comedy or on maintain my blog.

But now things are finally settling down, I have a nice apartment, I have a job (*not my dream job but it pays the bills so it’s good for now), and being creative is what my soul currently needs.

Which brings me to this post today:

I should’ve called it the rise of the Phoenix because this is what this outfit symbolize to me.

I initially saw this shirt on Instagram and it was love at first sight. If I had a dollar every time people in Toronto asked me if I did Voodoo because of my Haitian roots I would be rich by now. There are a lot of stereotypes about Haitians in Toronto and that’s probably because there are not a lot of us in the city. I’m not offended by those questions because I’ve embraced every single elements of my culture.

Not when it comes to the skirt, I purchased it on my last trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Everything about it reminds me of the Caribbean, bright colours, the perfect fit my legs, and it has an elastic at the waist that makes it so easy to wear.

I’m going stop here, because I feel kind of rusty at this fashion blog thing. I don’t know exactly which direction I’m going to take with my blog, but I really wanted to post something so here I am.

So please stay tuned for my next post, and I promise it won’t take another fours years.

PS: Feel free to ask me more questions because I know I didn’t say a lot…Sorry!







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