Friday: Let’s have a hair talk

My first post about natural hair…It was about time!!

There is so many reason why I added this section to my blog but the main one is that hair like makeup and fashion all complement to each other in term of beauty and personally there’s nothing more beautiful than to be able to deal with the natural texture of your hair.  My hair journey toward going back to my natural hair was very simple.  My mother permed my hair for the first time when I was thirteen and  since then I went through all the possible hair style that were in style back then from bleaching it blond, having crazy cornrolls styles every two weeks to having 20 inches weaves, I did it all.

Hair style: Side Cornroll -2007-

Hair style: Hair Extention (aka a weave girl!!) -2008-

 Going natural for me was a one step thing, one day after washing my permed hair I didn’t feel like drying them myself so I asked my mother if she could do it for me….(Just to let you know the process of blow drying long permed hair is a real pain in the butt.) I can’t remember why but that day she decided that she wanted to give me a hard time and said no. I went back to the bathroom, took a pair of scissors and simply cut it all off in the worst possible manner but at least I didn’t have to dry them any more. People often ask me if I regretted after cutting them and my answer remained the same…NOPE!

3 month after the big chop -2008-

2 month into locs  -2008-

2 month into locs in -2008-


Four years later, here I am with beautiful locs that can finally be put in a ponytail. Obviously, I’ll be more inclined toward talking about  locs in this section but I will try my best to talk about other type of natural hair styles. Now for my first post, I want to show you the process I go through to get my locs done using the ‘interlocking’ technique .


Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



4 thoughts on “Friday: Let’s have a hair talk

  1. Hey Girlie,

    Its Ingrid aka Mrs. DJ Godfather Dee..LOL (I had to find something for u to recognize me)

    Love ur blog.I dont even know how I found it but its amazing!!

    Question: Where can I get this T-shirt?? I need it in my life! LOL

    Keep up the great job Lovie!

    • Hey girl!!!
      Honestly, I don’t know if they’re really for sale but I’ll look it up and let you know and thanks a lot for the support Ingrid aka Mrs. DjGodfather Dee. 😉
      take care beautiful

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