Hair Show: Le secret dévoilé

On April 14th, I attended Montreal’s first big hair show “Le secret dévoilé” by the hair salon “Le secret d’Achaïa”. It was the first time that a collective of young people had come together to put something of that size in the hair business in my community. The venue was packed, the runways shows were fun, dynamics and they includes plus size model (…another first!). I was impressed to see that the hype about the show had even got to Denis Gagnon, a well known designer in Québec, who attended the event. CRAWWzZZy!…Anyways congratulation to all the team behind this massive production because it was truly a success.

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



2 thoughts on “Hair Show: Le secret dévoilé

  1. Wow!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I actually missed that event!
    I am so glad that Montreal is hosting an event like this, promoting the awareness of our hair.
    By the way, do you know of any natural hair salon in the area? I am in need of a good professional trim, and I don’t want to have my hair pressed in order to get it.

    God bless you sister, and continue your lovely blog. So happy to have stumbled upon it!!

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