Halloween Glam for less #JeansDuJour

This year, Halloween falls on Wednesday so all events will take place this weekend. So If  like me you’re the “last minute” type, you probably still don’t have a costume… LOL! Last year, I was so excited for the Halloween party I was attending that I went all the way to Plattsburgh(USA) to buy a costly costume(…You can click HERE to see it). This year, however, I have neither the motivation nor the time for such hassle, therefore I’m planning to find something in my wardrobe this week-end.

Plus size costumes are not cheap and when purchased during Halloween season retailers will shamelessly increase the original prices (((…smh))). If you are looking for the typical witch, pirate or super sexy police costumes you can easily pay between $50 to $80 and I’m sorry but this is too much for one night. That’s why for my #JeansDuJour post, I wanted to show you an example of a homemade costume using skinny jeans and some makeup.

I can’t stress this enough, but when you invest in a good pair of jeans similar to Addition-Elle’s jeans collection you must learn how to make your jeans versatile to save a few bucks. Now, here’s a simple costume idea for Halloween that could also be worn for another type of evening and yet I didn’t have to spend money since everything came from my closet … YAY!


Jeans: Addition-Elle

Shoes: Torrid

Also the winner of Yoga Jeans is:LORI!…So please check your email


Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



6 thoughts on “Halloween Glam for less #JeansDuJour

  1. Salut je trouve que tu est tres jolie bravo a toi pour ton blog ! je trouve sa formidable une femme qui s’asume bravo encore! et ta telement de style.. j’aimerais en avoir autan que toi ! bravo 🙂

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