I need some Vitamin 3S: Sleep…Sun…and Sales!

Greetings ladies,

It’s finally Saturday (… yay!) and if like me your week has been overloaded then some rest and some sun are the most welcome today. I’m not sure if I’ll really get some rest but I will definitely enjoy the sun, because I plan to go this weekend to the sidewalk sale on St-Hubert (..in Montreal of course). During this sidewalk sale is when all the stores typically liquidate their inventories which mean SALE and that I love.

Do you know the plus size store Toutounes  atomiques located on St-Hubert? During the Plaza St-Hubert sidewalk sale almost all of their store is on sale! Their well-known retro dresses, the designer jewellery, the kolchic collection, the corsets,  nighties and the recycled clothing are all  on sale!! They even have mark downs on their summer collection.  But all of it will end on Sunday (snif snif…(-_-) ) so take advantage and save money.

Toutoune Atomiques’ staff

Otherwise, what are you doing on this beautiful Saturday?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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