It’s 5h30am and I was wondering what if…

It’s 5h30am and I just got home from a house night at club ”Salon Daomé” and I’m still feeling hype from the music so why not blog. The streets of Montreal are talking and tonight they asked me: What if art ruled the world???


Bon!… il est 5h30am du matin et je viens à peine de rentrer d’une soirée house au “Salon Daomé” et puisque la musique m’a énergiser à fond alors pourquoi pas sortir un petit billet. Ce soir les rues de Montréal m’ont posé une question: What if art ruled the world???
Until next time stay bless….



5 thoughts on “It’s 5h30am and I was wondering what if…

  1. I remember the days of dancing till 5 in the morning. Hmmm. They feel a very long time ago right now!
    PS you look awesome x

  2. Thx Janie!!!!…but let me tell you tonight I'll be in bed at 10h30 cuz I'm dead tired…lol

    @loica: si t'aime la musique house le daomé is the place to be le mercredi!!!

  3. niceeeeee….another stikki peaches street art…seeing a lot of his or hers work around the city these days…luv it….great pic!

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