Jeans101 is a must before Addition-Elle’s #JeansDuJour

August 2nd got here so quickly (is there anybody working on a machine to turn back time…seriously?!?) and did you notice that the fall collections are already out in practically all  stores? (*_*)

Aside from the temperature change fall will bring a lot of great project for Queen Sized Flava Mouvement and one of them is the partnership of Queen Sized Flava and retailer Addition-Elle for the promotion of their new designer jeans campaign #JeansDujour (french of jeans of the day). Indeed, this fall I would be a sort plus size jeans ambassador and I will have the pleasure to try and review the new range of designer jeans that will be available at Addition-Elle… yay!! Addition-Elle intends to make available in-store and online brands like DKNY Jeans, Apple Bottoms, Levi’s, Buffalo, Suko, Foxy ect… (you will have to follow me to know the all the other ones ;-)). But before I start promoting the campaign, I thought I would make a Jeans101 post to make sure you are ready for an intense jeans shopping. When I have to ask “What are you looking for in a good pair of jeans? good price? … good cut? … Comfort? “on the QSF Facebook page, several interesting answers emerged and they also influenced this post.

** It’s very important to get familiar with the different types of jeans for a great shopping experience **

– Skinny Jeans:
These jeans have a close fit to the thigh and gets narrower from the knee all the way down

– Straight Jeans:
In this category we find two types of jeans, where one typically as a large and masculin fit popularized by the “Boyfriend Look” trend and the other is a little closer to the body with a very subtle flare starting at the knee.

These jeans are wardrobe staple; originally intended to fit over a knee-high boot.

*these are not jeans but it’s just for you get the an idea of the shape

-Flare or Palazzo Jeans:
A retro look that seems to have been somewhat forgotten since the arrival of skinny jeans and unlike them has a very flared and fluid leg from the knee.

-Semi-wide leg Jeans:

Very similar to the palazzo jeans except it has a smaller flared leg and the denim is less fluid.

** Now, here’s are some tips that will facilitate shopping for jeans **

– If your behind is small or flat look for flap back pockets or any pocket that will add dimension. Stay away from smaller pockets or no pockets.

– Remember that if you want a more versatile look that will be adequate for both day and night to go for dark jeans and if you want something cool and fun for the weekend go for faded or color or just plain white jeans.

– Remember that jeans that are too long can always be trimmed and the best way to tell if a pair of jeans fit well is TRY THEM.

-And a pair of jeans does not make your behind look AMAZING is not the right one for you.

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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