#JeansDuJour: Confession Time

For me there’s something so sexy about a nice pair of  fitted jeans and that’s for both men and women, which is maybe why I have so many in my closet (^_^). Jeans can be so versatile and yet so comfortable so how can you not like them? Which brings me to my topic for this week #JeansDujour post for Addition-Elle , where I want to share with you what I like about jeans. I’ll choose a pair a jeans over anything else for these three simple reasons:

– As a big girl, I had my share of trying to fit in clothes that were too small or that weren’t made for my body type and let me tell you that once I got to try my first comfortable pair of jeans I never looked back. A comfortable pair of jeans will remain that way forever!

– Jeans make my legs look great and that’s enough of a good reason for me. 🙂

– I love the fact that jeans are so versatile. For example, I could wear a nice pair of dark jeans at work for casual Friday and then head straight to a house dancing session with my friends that will last all night

So now your turn to tell me what you like about  jeans or if you don’t like them I would be equally curious to know why?


Jeans: Addition-Elle


Clutch: DIY

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



5 thoughts on “#JeansDuJour: Confession Time

  1. There is nothing better than finding the PERFECT pair of jeans. I have always had troubles being plus sizes AND tall. So glad there are lots of plus sized brands out there starting to make jeans for us with a 35″ inseam too.

    My favorite fit is from Torrid, the Sophia jean in extra tall! Perfect fit, and length and the demin is medium wait and butter soft.

    I am loving the printed demin trend. I bought the Love and Legend python print jean from Addition Elle. They are such a great pant, even if they don’t even hit my ankle.

    Check them out on my blog. Cheers.

    • Hi Amanda!
      I’m also tall so I know what you mean…Thx for the comment and you look amazing indeed in your python printed jeans!

    • ummm…I’m not sure to get what you mean about about your butt and hips because your shape is hot girl!!

  2. I’ve learnt over the years the importance of finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans. I still struggling sometimes to find something to accommodate my shape, sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t. What I really hate though are these low rising jeans! O boy! They seam to be all that’s easily accessible in South Africa at times, its testament to the fact that it takes some hard core searching to find the right pair.

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