Long life to Fashionmacrocy! #JeansDuJour

Today for my #JeansDuJour post, I will be talking about a topic that is dear to my heart and is also partly the reason why I started my blog. It’s a well known fact that the fashion industry and the business of beauty can be cruel to those who do not necessarily meet their mainstream “standards” of beauty which is why on Queen Sized Flava it’s important for me to always put forward different type of beauty. Addition-Elles #JeansDuJour campaign in my opinion is a breath of fresh air heading in the right direction because it allows five women with different body types to showcase their style.

This being said, being part of this campaign made obvious the fact that women can be very critical amongst them. “Plus size women should not wear skinny jeans.” “Women with curves should not wear colored jeans.” “This girl is not big enough to be considered plus size.” I understand that we can not all see eye to eye in term of tastes, but that does not necessarily mean we have to be harsh when sharing our opinions.

Fashion is a form of expression that is unique to each individual and that’s what makes it so fascinating. That’s why for my outfit of the day I wanted a look that would not go unnoticed and nothing better than skinny python print jeans and a fuchsia blouse to shout loud and pride the hell with mainstream fashion rules because I wear what I like and who cares if some don’t dig it!…Long life to Fashionmacrocy!

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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