Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (part 1)


It took me a couple of days to gather myself back from all these emotions had from attending the “Arise: Made in Africa” presented on the last day of the NYC fashion week. I knew that the Mercedes Benz fashion week was big, but I still did not expect to see what I saw. I caught myself being star struck a couple of times but it’s all good because it was all part of a learning experience.

Angel Laws (Blogger)

There is nothing glamorous about the press it’s actually a jungle and it’s all about the survival of the fittest. Which is the reason why next year I’m planning to go with an assistant because it’s impossible to fully enjoy the evening if you also have to focus on taking pictures.

The Arise runway show was without a doubt a five stars event, the fashion was on point and many celebrities took part of the event.

Photo Credits: Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images North America

Miss j Alexander

June Ambrose


Aminat Ayinde

Nole Marin

Closing performance by Leona Lewis


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