NJFFFW Day 3: Model search and a talk with Toccara (part 6 of 6)

From left to right(Model coach, Michyl Colins, Lamman Rocker, Tiffany Bank, Chenese Lewis, Suan Moses and Toccara Jones)

Day 3 had a lot of things going on but the two main one were the statewide model search where model were competing to be the NJFFFW face next year and the judging panel was serious. And the second one was a discussion with Toccara Jones about the realities of a plus size model in the industry and I was unpleasantly surprised with her attitude. A member of the audience asked her (in a nice way) if she could take a walk on the runway and in the most ghetto way she answered “YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS GIRL!” Euh?? Toccarra please!!! And did I mentioned that soon after that To almost tripped on her way off the stage…Karma is wonderful thing!


Runway Extraordinaire Diva Divanna and she only 12

Congratulations to Rachel Warren for becoming the new face of NJFFFW’13

Me and Chenese Lewis

Me and yes Lord Lamman Rucker!! Can you tell I was dying inside!?!?

More pictures are available on the QSF Facebook fan page click HEREto see them.

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made



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