OOTD: The black outfit


I decided to highlight Black History Month through various themes. So for the month of February, I’ll make sure to always include an aspect of the word black or the black culture… (yes, I know me and my ideas, but I only have one life to live. ;-)) However, if you’re curious about the Black History Month and looking for interesting activities this month check out “Black History Month” website to find excellent local suggestions if you’re curious to know more about the culture.

Now, what better way to start my theme than wearing black from head to toe. And yes I took the word black on it’s literal sense for this outfit. I must admit that I rarely wear black because I do not like dark colors but when I saw these sequin leggings I had to get them HOWEVER, they’re horrible to wear. If like me you have rubbing thighs (… Oh my god!) these leggings are a real torture but they are awesome for photos…lol!

Photos Credit: Stéphane Perron

Blazer and leggings: Deb’s

Top: Posh Shoppe

Boots: Doc Martens

Necklaces: Leah McFly Sale


Do have clothes in your wardrobe that make you look good but turns out to be a real torture to wear?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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