OOTD:The rise of the Phoenix

Greetings ladies!

Last week one of my friend was having a break up party (..Yes you did read it right a “break up party”) to celebrate her first year away from a really bad relationship. Therefore, for the occasion we went for dinner at the casino of Montreal and today’s look is what I was wearing that night.

It was my first time at the casino of Montreal because for one, I was never interested in going and second I don’t believe in gambling. Also people are not elegantly dress to go the casino like in the Hollywood movies so don’t believe the hype if you ever plan to go, just dress casually.

This  outfit is a mix and match of some new and old Forever21 pieces and the color selection was actually inspired by the nails I was wearing for the occasion. If you want to learn more about them make sure to check my friends Vee’s blog “Love, lipstick and Glitter”.

It’s important for me to always dress for the occasion, therefore red and gold was the perfect color combination to symbolize the rise of the Phoenix and  my friend rose from a lot!

Blazer:Forever21 sixe 3x

Camisole:Old Navy size 2x

Skirt:Forever21 size 2x

Shoes: Chaussez en grand size11

Accessoiries: Micheal Kors and Ashley Stewart

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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