Outfit of the day (OOTD): Beach wedding look


Please forgive me for the lack of consistency with my blog post theme because I’m in complete denial on the amount of things I have to do versus the time I have to do them.  But don’t worry I’m a working progress therefore I’m always looking for new ways to improve myself. Now, the OFTD post it’s all about how to find the perfect balance between formal wear and casual wear.  Since this look was for a wedding which tend to require a more formal dress code but is was taking place on the beach where not a lot of clothing is typically required. I went for something light and flowy and that would not require any spanx because who want to wear spanx when it 29 degrees?!?…Not me! I’m wearing shoes on this picture but everybody had to be barefoot on the beach for the ceremony so I had to also make sure that the dress I picked would look good without shoes.

Did you ever had an occasion where you had to mix formal and casual for an outfit?…If yes I would love to see what you wore by you posting a picture on the QSF facebook page or tweetit to me. 😀

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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