Plattsburgh, Halloween, Torrid ect…


So initially what was suppose to be a simple trip to Plattsburgh to get my order from torrid  (to see it click HERE) ended up being much more then that. From now on, whenever  I’ll make an online purchase if the shipping fee to Canada is ridiculously high I will simply send it to family members living in Plattsburgh, which is only one hour from Montreal. This way, I save on the shipping fee and custom tax.


Of course, I magically appeared in the mall…lol

Did you find your Halloween costume yet?… They had a lot of plus size selection (…if you want to see all of them just visit my Facebook fan page and you will find an album with all the costumes I saw) so girls get on it if you don’t have a costume.

Here are my purchases and I didn’t break the bank this time.


Until next time stay bless…



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