Plus Size Printed Jeans…Why not?!?

A couple days ago, I posted an “outfit of the day” picture on Instagram and it seemed that a lot people liked it and also had a lot of questions about it. Therefore, it only made sense that I make a post about it. The arrival of designer jeans at Addition-Elle has allowed me to get a hold of several amazing pieces and this pair of jeans is definitely one of them. With spring slowly settling, I would recommend you not to hold back and to try the printed jeans trend.

For this first outfit, I used my jeans and it’s details as a guideline for the entire look. Unfortunately, it seems that these jeans are no longer available on the Addition-Elle website, nevertheless, you may be able to find them in their liquidation stores.To keep the focus on my jeans, I paired them with top and shoes that were part of the same neutral colors.


Top:Ashley Stewart

Jeans: Addition-Elle

flats: Payless


This second look is much more colorful and I used the complementary colors on these jeans to set the tone of the entire outfit. This spring, I plan to experiment a bit more with the pastel colors.

Outfit: Addition-Elle


What do you think of pastel colors for spring 2013?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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