Queen Sized Workout: Find help, Gain Confidence and Take Control


It’s Friday and I’m heading to NYC later on today, but before I start my prepping day this post had to be out. Since the last #QSRW,  I started receiving a lot of questions about my workout routine, where I train and what I eat. So instead of repeating the same thing over and over I decided to start  a workout support group that officially started last weekend and  it’s called “The Queen Sized Workout…Find support, Gain confidence and take control “.

The goal of this group will be to meet up every week at park Laurier to train while supporting each other. There will be no professional trainers involve, which is why there will be NO FEES to join the group. The only thing that will be requested from you will be to give your best and to not use words such as “I can’t”,” I won’t” and “it’s too hard”.

Jog in place


Knee Ups

Butt Kickers

Abs crunches

Abs crunches standing up


Camel walks

Elbow planks

Side elbow planks

Now because I will be in New York this weekend we won’t have a session, but the meetings will be back the following weekend. The meetings will always be announced on the QSF Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow and keep checking them.

Here’s some pictures of the first meeting we did last weekend and they will also give a good idea of the type of exercises we will be doing. A big thank you to photographer Afrobaz for capturing the moment. He has a  Facebook page and you should check out his amazing work if you would ever want to work with him.

Next meeting:

When:  Saturday July 27th  at 6:00pm

Sunday July 28th at 5h00pm

Where: Park Wilfrid-Laurier next to the Trekfit stations

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)

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