Shhhhh the camera is rolling! #JeansDuJour

It’s the big reveal day even if some of you may have already seen it since my promotional video for Addition-Elle’s #JeansDuJour campaign was officially released on their Facebook page last Friday. Now, it’s my turn to officially launch this video on Queen Sized Flava and because this 1m12s  clip actually took two days to shoot therefore it was only fair to make a behind the scene post. For the occasion, I had the pleasure to do a collaboration with the talented photographer Manoucheka Lorgis. Her creative eye was able to grasp the smallest but yet so precious moment. I particularly love the way she was able to capture the different emotions on set and hopefully, this will not be our last collaboration.

The theme of my promotional video was T.G.I.F (Thank God It’s Friday), the idea behind it was to showcase these amazing Suko plus size jeans in my everyday life. Of course, you will never find me in a bowling alley with Fab aka Fabienne on a Friday night because that’s not really my thing but you better believe that I made sure that my bowling skills were up the part for the shoot…LOL

Photo credits Machoucheka Lorgis

For my main look, I went for the houndstooth jacket and the Suko colored skinny jeans, together they were a great combination of prints and color. I also had to styled two other looks with the same jeans. For some reason my heels were not shown in my video but don’t worry below you will find pictures of the complete look. As you can see my heels are the perfect final touch to my outfits.

So which one of these looks is your favorite?

**AND THE #JEANSDUJOUR GIVEAWAY CONTEST WINNER IS Debbie C…I’ll be sending you an email tonight ;-)**

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



4 thoughts on “Shhhhh the camera is rolling! #JeansDuJour

  1. The last look is the one that everybody should like the most lol. Blue, purple and a touch a leopard #fullfashion! Dope Proud of you my friend!!!

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