Should I believe…

He says that I should…
Il me dit que je devrais…



With affection like a dreamer
with patience and understanding
like a teacher with a student, vice versa
promise not to hurt you, not to leave
not to lie, not to cheat, not to fuss
not to stress, like the rest in your past
Believe me I ain’t like most men
I ain’t like them others
you then dealt with in the past
just have some faith
that is all I ask, believe in me (repeat)
why go searching, else where lurking
when you been hurtin for the real thing
since I’m here before your eyes
lets make love to survive
I be something like the rebirth
of love with a twist
it started with a simple kiss
what could be more precious
then the rebirth of love
Chorus (repeat)
Believe in me
Believe in me, just try…try
believe in me
Chorus (repeat)
I got another way I want to tell you
lately I have been thinking
about this crazy world,
being one step away from war
I want to make love to you
This world is coming to an end
If we should die, and the next night… by Raheem DeVaughn




 Should I?…
Until next time stay bless…



3 thoughts on “Should I believe…

  1. J'aurais peut-être opter pour des escarpins rose fuschia. Mais sinon je trouve la tenue super jolie… J'adore ce côté vaporeux.

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