Six take: Looks for the holidays…

I survived a crazy semester and now I’m back like promise with some suggestions for the holidays. This year, I went with the theme color black because after all black is a go to color. The two dresses are a courtesy of Addition-Elle so a big thank you.

The  first dress I’m wearing is their the multi-way dress from the Addition-Elle cruise collection. This dress is one dress but the top part offers endless possibilities so all you have to do is to twist and turn the straps to create your own look. I created a tie with my straps but like I said there is so much you could do with this dress.

Check out this video to see some of the things you can do with dress.

Adding color and some leopard print was a good way for me to show my personality.

I got my second dress using my gift card at the Addition-Elle located downtown because they are the only location that offers designer labelled dresses. I could not resist these big black sequin patterns because they looked so fun plus they have a retro edge that I love.

So what about you girls did find what you will be wearing for Christmas and new years eve? If not I posted some pictures on my Facebook Fan page of my favourite looks for the holidays .

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 Until next time stay blessed…


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