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Le mouvement ‘Queen Sized Flava…Made in Montreal’ a pour but de promouvoir la mode de grande taille sous tous ses angles et sur tous ses styles. C’est pourquoi je tenais absolument à faire un billet sur Mélanie Dion qui est l’essence même de ce que le mouvement QSF cherche à faire connaître. J’ai rencontré Mélanie alors que j’assistais un concert de musique alternative. Elle portait une coiffure hallucinante fait de dreads synthétiques multicolores et était vêtue d’une tenue que je n’avais jamais vue auparavant et dégageait une telle assurance. J’ai presque eu à la suivre toute la soirée pour réussir à lui parler parce qu’elle était toujours en train de danser. Laissez-moi vous dire qu’elle a de l’énergie à revendre donc j’ai dû attendre longtemps. Alors, c’est avec plaisir que je vous présente Mélanie Dion qui est mannequin, maquilleuse et également membre d’un groupe de musique.

The ‘Queen Sized Flava…Made in Montreal‘ is and will always be about promoting plus size fashion in all the possible ways and styles. This being said it brings me to why I wanted to this post about Mélanie Dion which embodies what Queen Sized flava is all about and we want to share with the world. I met Mélanie in an alternative concert and I remember her wearing these colourful synthetic dreads and an outfit that I had never seen before with such confidence. I almost had to follow her around the entire night in order to be able to talk to her. She was all over the dance floor and let me tell the girl can move. Therefore it’s with a pleasure that I’m introducing  to you the make up artist, model and musician Mélanie Dion.     

Voici une petite entrevue avec Mélanie:

I made interview with Mélanie but since it’s french here’s what it was all about:
Name:Mélanie Dion
Location: Laval, Québec
Occupation: modeling, hair dresser and musician

Style preferences: She appreciates the current trends but clearly states that it’s not for her. She describes her styles as D.I.Y “do it yourself” punk rock. Since she knows how to sow it’s easy for her to make something out off nothing which is also one the main goal behind the rebel punk rock attitude.

What about being a plus size chick in the punk rock world?: She explained to me that since having a punk rock style is mainly about creating or modifying your clothes size does not matter. 

What makes her beautiful? : She is a colorful person inside out which is the reason why often strangers will randomly approach her.

Where does she shop?: additional, wal-mart. winners, torrid

What does she think about our local plus size fashion ?: Of course, if we compare our self to the Americans he don’t have a lot but it’s also a duty for the people concerned to voice their opinion about the issues. 
Tous ce que Mélanie porte sur les photos elle l’a fait elle même

Everything Mélanie is wearing on the pictures was made by her

Pour contacter Mélanie ou simplement voir son travail

To contact Mélanie or simply check out her work
Un gros merci à Mélanie pour ta personalité inspirante et de l’avoir partagé avec QSF! 
Thank you Mélanie for being so inspiring and also for sharing it with QSF!
so until next time stay bless…



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