Sun shine finally!…Du Soleil finalement!

The day this picture was taken the sun shine was in full effect and that also my cue to bring the colors out. I rarely use black for spring and even less in summer because I’m all about bright colors. Big girls are often scared of color because you may be under the impression that it will make you look bigger. “NOT!!!” ANYTHING you wear  will make you look bigger if there are not chosen correctly and this applies to EVERYBODY regardless of your size!!

Le jour où cette photo a été prise le soleil était pleinement en rayonnant et donc pour moi ca veut dire que c’est le temps de sortir les couleurs. Je porte rarement du noir au printemps et encore moins en été parce que J’ADORE porter des couleurs vives et audacieuses. Les filles qui portent du taille plus ont souvent peur de porter des couleurs vives sous prétexte que cela vous fera paraître plus grosse. “FAUX!!” Quel que soit votre taille, si vos vêtements ne sont pas bien choisis, il y a de fortes chances qu’ils vous donnent quelques livres de plus!!
In this case, I love this coat because the cut clearly defines my waist line which is a must for my body type. 

Par exemple, j’adore ce manteau parce que la coupe définit clairement ma taille ce qui est très important pour mon type de silhouette.
Coat-Manteau:Old Navy
Jeans:Old Navy
Boots-Bottes: Rainbow (NYC)
Accessoiries-Accessoires:Second hand store-magasin de linge usagé 

Until next time stay bless…

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3 thoughts on “Sun shine finally!…Du Soleil finalement!

  1. Loving this look on you 😀 Gorgeous colours!

    Great video too! I'm surprised you got that fab jacket at Old Navy. I never find anything good there. Also, the store where you got your boots, do they sell wide calf boots? I always have a problem with fitting boots! Old Navy and Gap has a 30% off coupon out now for the next 4 days. I will have to see what I can find on their website… Have you had a chance to visit my site recently? It's

  2. I got this jacket at boxing day so it already been a while now…and of course check out your blog you constantly post your address on any comment you make so I know your address by heart…lol

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