The “Braderie de mode Québécoise”…(-_-)


If you don’t know what the “Braderie de mode Québécoise” is maybe you should read this POST because there I talk about it in details. Last time I attended this event I was so disappointed that it had been FOREVER crossed off my list but since a designer who claimed that she did plus size clothing sent me an email to invite me I had to go see what she was all about. This time I didn’t go alone I took Danisha with me since she’s also a fashion blogger (to see her Blog click HERE) like that we could also share thoughts on the garments. Once we got there, we went straight to the designer who had contacted me, she mainly had standard size and had couple a pieces that were XL but since I wear size XXL you could only imaging the “joy”. I also met another designer who only catered to plus size women but the clothes were just old fashion and shape less and I made sure to let her know how I truly felt about her brand in a polite manner (..honestly I would not have been caught dead in any of her clothes which is also why I didn’t take any pictures.)   The event had two designers out of 100 in terms of plus size fashion so again La Braderie de mode Québécoise”=PLUS SIZE FASHION FAIL and I still feel like If you wear a size 12 and up and that you don’t need accessories (bags or hair clips) STAY HOME!!!


Until next time saty bless…

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