The last #JeansDuJour chapter…

Greetings ladies!

It’s already the end of the great #JeansDuJour adventure and I hope you had as much fun as I did discovering the world of designer jeans which is now opening to the plus size market. The release of plus size designer jeans was a first in Canada and definitely a step in the right direction and I hope that other retailers will follow Addition-Elle’s moves. This also means that I won’t have to rush to New York city in order to find a pair of skinny jeans with an edge and that will fit my personality.

I also want to thank Addition-Elle for choosing to collaborate with the QSF movement and above all allowing me to share my styling ideas on a larger scale. Here are some #JeansDuJour  looks I presented in the last few months and to see more you can always go to my Twitter, Instagram or the QSF Facebook fan page.


Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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