The red nightmare…

It’s a shame because red use to be my favorite color to wear but since the student strike started in Quebec, red is now the color used by people  in favor of the so called “student strike”. I should probably say the student “boycott” since students are not workers therefore can’t be on a strike but at this point…Whatever!!! And because of the fact that what was initially meant to be a positive social claim made by students turned into a media related circus with many acts of violence and vandalism, I can no longer stand to see red even in my own closet.

This outfit as much as I love it keeps remind me of the hell I’ve been through this semester with five university classes in a program where most of the student were taking part in the boycott and constantly made sure to find ways to disrupt any classes that were still following their normal schedules.

Ok…I will stop  venting now because I will not turn this post into a personal manifesto against the student boycott so let’s just get back to fashion.

I don’t know if you realized that I have a new hobby now which is making clutches out of duct tape. I posted some pictures on my twitter and my blog’s Facebook page and  some more should come up today. I simply love doing them and someone even suggested that I should start selling them. I probably should since I could certainly use some extra money with FFFW (Full Figured Fashion week) around the corner.

Would you be interested in buying a similar clutch for let’s say 20$?…Click HERE to see more clutches I made and please let me know what you think?Blazer:thrifted Dress: Rainbow (NYC) necklace: I forgot…oups (-_-)  Clutch: DIY Shoes: Torrid

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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