The saga continues with Forever 21+



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The forever21+ saga continues…

After being turned around  by customer services; after being hung up on when trying to get some information; after being ridiculed in store when asking for the plus size collection; after sending emails until the reply were no longer coming; after blogging ,making a youtube video about the issue to increase public awareness and finally I’m finally at stage 3 of my fight against our local forever 21 stores who will not carry the plus collection in store.

There’s now five stores locations in Quebec and I don’t understand the reason why forever 21+ can be sold in stores in at least one of them. It’s even more frustrating when a customer like me tries to send a writing request or simply tries to find some answers to my questions and all I get are dead ends. Fortunately for and unfortunately for them I’m not the type to give up so easily  and I will make this statement for all of us: WE WANT FOREVER 21+ TO BE SOLD IN STORE!

In a society where image and well-being is extremely important how do you think it makes a plus size teenager girl who goes in a forever 21 store with her friends who are all able to shop there except her. For me it’s a matter of principle where every paying customers are important and should be treated equally. I remember growing up, online shopping was not something I had access to and I know for a fact that for some girls it’s still a reality so what  is left for this girl to do??? Walk around naked?!?!?

This poster was be sent to every media I could possibly think of and please feel free to do the same to spread the word. I will not be able to turn this situation around alone so let’s unite because helping others in helping yourself. Even if you are not from Quebec your support will be greatly appreciated.  A Facebook page as been created in order to spread the word and it’s  through this page that I’ll will keep you posted on any updates so make sure to ‘LIKE’ it . In the hope that my point gets across to the right people, which are in position to change things.  Let’s wait and see what will be the next step with the Forever 21+ saga.

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7 thoughts on “The saga continues with Forever 21+

  1. I hope they start listening! I live in the 2nd biggest city in North Carolina, and there are plenty of Forever21 stores, and NONE of them sell Forever21+. There’s only one store in NC that does, and it’s 3 hours away. I hope they bring one to Charlotte, too!

  2. OMG!!! Je suis trop d’accord avec toi!!! Meme si je “rentre” encore dans leur size, je comprends tellement ta frustration!!! Avoir du style ce n’est pas facile si tu n’as pas de choix! Beaucoup de personnes pourraient beneficier de cette ligne parce que ce n’est pas tout le monde qui peut faire des agencements comme toi! Chapeau!
    Est-ce que tu me permets de prendre ta photo pour faire une video?

    • Merci Loica!!
      N’hésite pas à prendre la photo et à en parler pcq c’est pour ca que je l’ai fait et aussi j’ai crée une page sur FB “We want Forever21+ in Quebec” tu peux parler de ca aussi 😉

  3. Je pense qu’au Fairview Pointe claire il y a une section forever 21+ depuis quelques temps,… Au depart cetait un rack, mais maintenant cest une demi-section du magasin qui y est consacré!

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