What’s your “Jeans Identity” ? #JeansDuJour


I started a new job last week so I now have a reason to put together daily outfits (which by the way, you can see if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram) and this got me thinking about the messages that our clothing generate about us. I hope you were all aware that clothing is a form of nonverbal communication. For example, when you put your favorite pair of jeans it says a lot about your personality whether you’re aware of it or not and that’s what I like to call your “jeans identity” .

With the upcoming plus size designer jeans collection available at Addition-Elle, I thought I would dedicate my #JeansDuJour post  on how to find and highlight your  jeans identity with a simple technique that I use all the time. Before conceptualizing my outfit,  I choose words that refer either to my state of mind or my personality as a guideline for my outfit of the day.

If one morning I feel spontaneous and sociable I’ll probably go for a pair of colored or printed jeans.

If I decide to put forward the sexy side of my personality I’ll opt for a pair of skinny jeans that will show off my curves.

And finally if I feel like being a rebel and to make a statement about it I will not hesitate to put my jeans with a torn t-shirt.

Whether you’re the simple and relaxed one, have an adventurous and fun personality or you’re the typical showstopper make sure your outfit says as much.

So what was your jeans identity today?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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