XXL Fashion+Marketing…How and why?

On april 16th, presented by Infopress and the Circo De Bakuza, will occur in Montreal the first conference dedicated to the marketing components of fashion and beauty. We’re talking about 17 conferences and a chance to meet some of the most influential individuals in the industry. I’m glad to announce that I’ll be a guest speaker for the occasion with the Addition-Elle team to talk about branding and many other things. To learn more about the event you should visit their website: xxl.infopresse.com

The timing was perfect for me because as you can see, my blog and I are also going through a lot of changes. With the help of the talented photographer Mariel Rosenbüth, I will from now on challenge my creativity as much as possible because art is a very important part of my life. To me fashion just like a painting, or a love song are means of expression and that’s what I want my fashion posts to be about.









These days I’m using public transportation more than I care too and words cannot express how much I dislike it. Using the subway or the bus means you can’t over dress, you’re surrounded by strangers with whom you don’t necessarily share the same hygiene basics, and even when crowded they can odly be a lonely place.

Yet it was the perfect setting for this outfit from the Addition-Elle Spring Collection that included for the season several asian influenced pieces. To complete the look I found these shoes that reminded me of samourai shoes on heels.

Here’s how I wish I could look everytime I took the train, but it’s not happening…

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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