XxL’s curvy jeans wonderland…

Greetings ladies,

Today for my #JeansDuJour post we’re talking about the real deal since I had the opportunity to try all the denims from the Addition-Elle’s fall collection and I had to tell you about it. A few weeks ago, I was invited to Addition-Elle’s headquarter for a fitting so I could come up with the looks who were featured in my #JeansDuJours promo clip that will soon be released. Obviously, I had to make a short selection because this post would have been way too long.

So without further ado, here are my choices:

Second yoga skinny jeans

As you can see, these jeans really look like a second layer of skin, which explain its name (Duh Sarah!!..lol). These skinny jeans are made of a comfortable stretch fabric that will accentuate all the curves your body as to offer. Unlike the typical skinny jeans I tried before, I really felt like I could take on a yoga class wearing them because they offer a complete freedom of movement.

Mxm skinny jeans with zipper

Here’s  a “ must have” type of  jeans as its classic cut will allow you to wear it for many different occasions.

Pashu by parasuco bootcut jeans

Finally some light blue jeans! When talking about plus size jeans, it’s extremely hard to found them since the trend is all about dark denim because they slim you down. But as you can see here, a well-cut pair of jeans can be slimming regardless of color.

Suko colored skinny jeans

Being a huge fan of colored denim, I had to show you at least one pair. I couldn’t find the online link for this pair but I know for a fact that they are available in store.

So which one did you like better?

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



3 thoughts on “XxL’s curvy jeans wonderland…

  1. Hey merci pour ce post sur les jeans!!!!
    J’adore le “second yoga skinny jeans” je voudrais bien
    m’en procurer une paire…
    Continue tes posts, j’adore!!!!!!!!

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