Young, Broke and yet Stylish #JeansDuJour

When I did my #JeansDuJour giveaway many of you have told me that you love Addition-Elle’s  jeans collection but your budget does not allow you to invest 80$ in a pair of jeans and trust me I understand this very well. That being said, it is important to have at least one pair of jeans in your closet that makes you look like a million bucks and that’s regardless the price (FYI … did you notice that almost all Addition-elle’s jeans are on sale on their website?!? ;-)).

Today for my #JeansDuJour post,  I wanted to talk  about the versatility that a great pair of jeans can have even when it’s a red python print pair which in truth is far from being from subtle. I also don’t have unlimited funds when it comes fashion (… even though I’m a fashion blogger) but I never cease to reinvent my wardrobe with some small additions and lots of creativity.

This pair of skinny jeans is quite easy to match contrary to what one might think. For my first look, I paired python prints with some form of zebra prints. A mixture that I honestly would have never think would work together but yet when I tried it I loved it instantly. The best of all is that my blouse cost $18 and is from Walmart… yay!

Blouse: Walmart


Heels: Torrid

My second look is more relax and it came together through a little DIY on an old blouse that had in my closet. I bought some studs and installed them myself and it only cost $4.75 and some patience. You can find similar studs at any fabric store or sewing  accessories boutiques.

Chemise: Addition-Elle


Sneakers: Adidas

As you can see an investment in the right pair jeans just can go a long way and who knows maybe there will be another #JeansDuJour giveaway very soon on Queen Sized Flava. 😉

Until next time remember you are wonderfully made ;-)



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